Used where your Customer Deal is a volume deal but NOT for a specific stock code, but for any stock code within a Stock Sub-Category, then the volume discount can apply to multiple lines by activating the “Sub Deals” switch.

This is useful where you have products that are very similar in price and style, they just have a different flavour or colour.

For example:

1L Full Cream yoghurt – with separate stock code for Strawberry, Peach and Vanilla

Girls school shoes, with different stock codes for the different size, and for brown and black.

330ml can fizzy drink – separate stock codes for Fanta, Cream Soda and Coke

2 min noodles – with separate stock code for Chicken, Beef and Vegetable

Due to the check being across multiple lines, it takes place when you proceed to the Totals tab on the Invoice.


  • Ideal for running specials for similarly priced stock items with different stock codes.
  • Additional reporting fields to be able to analyse the GP/Turnover per promotion.
  • Inbuilt functionality to retain original pricing on the balance of stock item on separate lines should the quantity be higher than set in the Customer Deal.

*This Switch is subject to an Annual Licence Fee (ALF) for the Switch as well as the entire Omni Software configuration

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